Merry Meet

I'm Sha Blackburn
The LoonWitch

As an internationally recognized Psychic, Holistic Healer, I've been empowering individuals to transform their lives using magickal principles and intuitive gifts since 1997. 

I offer a variety of in person and virtual workshops on the topics of divination, healing, and metaphysics and offer Tarot readings, Rune readings and Aura photography. 

Community is at the core of everything I do.  I'd love to have you join my community and learn how you can tap into the Magick that is all around you!


How to Tap into the magickal elements of each day!

Discover the magick surrounding you daily!

In the empowering 3-piece Magickal Living: Elevate Your Frequency Kit, you’ll receive the How to Tap into the Magickal Elements of Each Day (PDF) that shows you how to connect with the energies of each day of the week. You’ll also receive the Vibrational Frequency Chakra Balancing (MP3), a sound bath for your chakras and the Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation (MP3) so you can learn to connect with yours.  

Magick is all around you!

Start your experience

Join me in creating your magickal life!
No matter where you are in your journey, I am here to help.  Below are some options for you to get started.



These events are group participation.  You can join me at my monthly journey circle and get to know and work with your spirit guides, or join in a ritual to celebrate the seasons, new moons and full moons.  

All my rituals include a little education, a little magick, and a lot of empowerment.  These rituals are not specific to any specific path of spirituality.

Readings, Healings & Coaching

All readings are forms of divination.  Connecting to the divine helps to provide guidance so you can make decisions to create the life that you want.  Shamanic and holistic healings are ways to complement other healing that you receiving.  When all else fails, I can help you get through life’s ups and downs through spiritual guidance, coaching, and mentoring.  Together we can create a plan catered to your hopes and goals to get you to your living your best life.